GoStartupIndonesia Accelerating Indonesian Startups Ecosystem

Hello Surabaya! Go Startup Indonesia Accelerating Indonesian Startup Ecosystem is an initiative by Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) to connect startups, investors, corporates, academics, and other related parties in one platform, with one thing in mind, to accelerate Indonesian startup ecosystem. Go Startup Indonesia Championship is a roadshow in different cities in Indonesia to give insights about the program and also nurturing and encouraging startups practitioners and related parties to engage more and collaborate for something bigger. Startup Mentoring Session This session will discuss about Go Startup Indonesia in general, and why startup. Why should we start a startup? Why is startup a solution for many problems? Why should we invest in startup? And how should we approach startups from our academic point of view. Please join us in this session and let's get together to accelerate Indonesia startup ecosystem!
Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 13:00
Ruang Teater 931 UC Tower UC Town Citraland
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Ruang Teater 931 UC Tower UC Town Citraland